"ITZ TYME for you to step into your All-Star Life !"
Shea Hillenbrand - Global Elite Performance:
➥ I help world-class athletes and leaders unlock elite performance by mastering the inner game so they can win in all areas of their lives. Ultimately giving true meaning to their success.

 ➥ As an elite global performance specialist, the three irrefutable truths of the MLB Mindset formula are the cornerstone of my life today and the lives of the hundreds of clients I coach... 

➥ I am that crazy kid in 5th grade that raised my hand and told the class that my two childhood dreams are to play Major League Baseball and own a zoo. After my classmates laughed at me I did it!!! Becoming a 2-Time MLB All-Star and owning a zoo with over 300 farm and exotic animals. ;-)


⭐ Global Elite Performance 
⭐ All-Star Lifestyle design and development
⭐ Formulator of the FOCUS FORMULA - The exact formula I used to do the unthinkable - Game winning HR off of Mariano Rivera
Emmy Award-winning Story
⭐ Curator of the LEVEL UP System - The same system I used to scale through the MLB & become a 2-Time MLB All-Star

On a personal note, I am here by the grace of God. I survived the unthinkable. I view life as a gift and a blessing.

As a lover of life, spirit, adventure, business, and really cool people, I enjoy my beautiful wife, Kristen, and our five children, traveling, the beach, horse shows, golfing, trail running, speaking, creating videos, and just keeping things simple.

Let's get to know each other:-)

Step to the Plate - It's Game Time!

-Shea Hillenbrand

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